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    Confidential Informant Agreement// I'm being Screwed

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Texas

    I recently was having issues with drugs and I got myself arrested because I was targeted by an undercover and needed money quick. I wasn't a drug dealer at all. This cop pressured me for almost a month to get him 200 ocycodone pills. I did not have quick access to them but I finally found someone who did. It's a long store but I met this guy a few times finally we set up the deal. I was actually arrested before the deal even took place and had none of the pills on me but the cop lied and said he gave me the money which he did not have and they said that was enough to charge me with a first degree sale of a controlled substance. Anyways the cop said he would help me get it dismissed if I helped him so I got a lawyer and signed a deal with the DA for 2 month time period with a 1 month extent ion if I was actively work g with this cop which I have been. Before I signed I told him and the DA what I could provide and they like what I had to offer. I need to get 5 first degrees. Well I've got one so far and my deadline for my extension is coming up. The cop is making all these threats like I haven't brought him enough of what he wants and he doesn't think he can get me an extension well the truth is all my info that I have provide has been spot on but he will not act on the dealers we agreed to go after. He hasn't been available or doesn't care enough to go after these people, I'm not sure. He has all there info and could buy or stop them with drugs at anytime so he will eventually get them but it looks like he's hanging me out in the wind and will get them later when it doesn't help me. They signed the contract to so dont they have a duty to make a reason able effort to get these people? He's been having me go after people that are maybes and they haven't turned up much. I could have been done by now if he hadn't made all kinds of excuses and acted on my good info. I have shared my concerns with him over and over saying things like let's get the ones we know have stuff and work on the other things later so I can be sure and get my extension if I needed it. He would say "oh don't worry bout that I'll get it for you for sure". Now he's flipped on me saying I have nothing to offer and that he feels he's wasting his time, which is complete bs. I hate what I'm doing but I have to do it so I don't ruin my life but they are not holding up there end of it. I have at least three people that are big time dealers that they could arrest easily but he won't move on them and gives NO good reason why not. He spent a month and over a grand to get me and I was nothing more than a junkie. What should I do? Is there any kind of recourse for me since they wont go after what I have to offer since they ok'd what I had? I just feel betrayed and I'm worried that I'm being screwed. I admit what I did was wrong but I'm holding up my end what check is there that they hold up there's?What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by John_jacson007 View Post
    I got a lawyer and signed a deal with the DA
    You need to discuss this with your lawyer.

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