In the early 90's in Gwinnett County I was charged with simple battery though my punch followed blows to my person. The other party happened to be my adult daughter whom I was putting out of my home for disrespect and verbal abuse. I was charged and to avoid further damage to my daughter or my family I plead nolo under the first offenders act - following several efforts by my daughter to retract her accusations made in anger. I served 1 year of probation and have had no other incidents of any type. Now, over 10 years later I try to purchase a shotgun for my son and find my record blocks that under conviction of misdemeanor family violence.

First, I thought that the first offenders act protected me from having a record as none was entered. If my understanding is correct, how do I follow up on this?

Second, if that is not correct, how do I proceed with action to clear my record or have it expunged? My daughter and family continue to support me in this. We thought it was a non-issue with the probation service.

Third, will that restore my right to purchase and or possess a firearm?

Thank you for your posts and emails.