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Thread: meds in jail

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    trentsudbeck Guest
    in the state of california,if someone is serving 30 days in jail and has a major back problem and is on a triplicate drug (oxicontin)do you have the right to be giving your meds even though the jail says it does not give those out. if so how does the inmate get his meds legally.and if not given can you sue the state for causing undo pain and suffering for no reason.

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    Adele Guest
    I dont know about CA. But I know in Texas if you have a Doctor the jail can call and verify that your back is hurt and in need of that medication I wouldnt thing it would be a problem. They could get in trouble for not giving you
    the right care that you need. Dont worry 30 days is not very long. I did 17 months at a womens prison for alittle drug charge..Texas is bad..Your lucky!!


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