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    Nolle Prosequi when applying for a federal job

    What is the name of your state? Maryland

    3 years ago I was arrested for a dwi. The case was not prosecuted. I received a nolle prosequi. I am applying for a job with the federal gov. and I am at the ? about in the last 10 years have you been arrested, on probabtion, been convicted, etc.

    I am going to answer honestly, but I am wondering will that show up since it was not prosecuted? Also, if it does show up, will the details be behind it or will it just show up as a case of nolle prosequi?

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Yes it will show up. Sometimes the records will indicate that the case was nolle prossed and sometimes there's no information other than the original arrest information.

    Answer that yes, you were arrested. If you don't, you will be fired for dishonesty once the OPM background results are received. Federal employees are probationary for the first year and dishonesty on the application is one of the primary causes of termination.

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    loocpoc Guest
    If your going for a public trust job (anything dealing with $$$, LE, firefighting,medical) you can be disqualified if you lie on your intial application or the background for security questionaire (SF-86).

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    I don't plan on lying, I was just curious if nolle prosequi decisions show up in background investigations, and even if they do, are the details behind them or does it just state the case was declared nolle prosequi?

    The job is in communications. The question clearly states that answering yes does not disqualify you from being hired, but you can understand why it would make me nervous. I was allowed to explain, and I did just that, stating that I was never charged or convicted by a court of law.

    I feel pretty confident things will work out. I guess I need to look into have that record expunged if I do find out if does show up.

    Any idea how much it cost to expunge a arrest?

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    chulee Guest

    I am experiencing this right now

    This is what I am going through right now. I applied for a federal job and got it and did not answer affirmative to any questions about arrests or covictions.

    I had a charge dismissed and another charge dropped 10 years ago. SIne the one was dismissed, I did not think I had to mention it and the one that was dropped, (i thought) has now shown up on my record as nolle pros. Now they are asking me what the deal is. Fortunately, I think they will let me explain since I had no idea that the charge was still on my record.

    Now, I have to find out why it is like that and what I can do to rectify. It was 10 years ago.

    It was in Virginia. Any advice?

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    I just have a question, is it just me, or are there MANY posts recently referencing Government Jobs and Criminal History?

    Are they sending everyone to Iraq?

    Look folks: You know it is a gov't. job, you know what your histories are, just plain and simple, do NOT lie in order to obtain a job. Only political CANDIDATES can do this.

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