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    mvdubu Guest

    Angry NY or GA offenders: Will I be extradited for a probation violation?

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? NEW YORK

    I am a resident here for the last year, voted here this month etc.

    There exists a warrant (I saw it online) for my arrest for probation violation. I had a misdemeanor DUI conviction 10 months ago in Georgia. Did about a month, and then moved back home to NYC, on probation with my P.O.'s knowledge.

    I was only able to pay about 5 months of fines due to unemployment and I fell behind. Thus, the warrant (also I am a little behind on community service and some other terms)

    Question to people/offenders that would KNOW. (no smart asses, please)

    If I am stopped for something, I know I'm going to Rikers Island. The question is, will that county's Sheriffs Department or the Interstate Compact send someone to bring me back to Georgia??

    If I am in jail waiting a few weeks for return, is this time creditable to my probation violation? (I expect to get 4-6 months, because I can't pay.)

    Since I have been already convicted of this crime, do extradition rules apply? NY has to hand over one of its residents, no questions asked??

    Thanks for your help....respond directly to my email if you have some particularly useful advice.

    -****ed in Brooklyn

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    mvdubu Guest


    those are the states

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    Los Angeles, California
    My response:

    Did you know they have "Chain Gangs" in Georgia?

    How do you think you'll look in horizontal alternating black and white stripes, with a ball and chain on your left leg?


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    mvdubu Guest

    Exclamation IAAL you are a foolish, old balding man...thanks for nothing.

    I lived in GA and there are no chain gangs ****head. Next door in Alabama, yes.

    If you'd take your head out of your ass and stop posting thousands of silly and insulting quips, you'd know that.

    How would you look in stripes after CA authorities found out that you molested your children for all these years, and jerked off to kiddie porn??

    Happy Thanksgiving ****sucker. You have nothing to do today but respond and try to add to people's misery. Tee hee....type something nasty....jerk off. Repeat. (And you're an attorney??)

    Well, your JD ain't gonna save you. Karma's a bitch. And your 50ish fat ass, with all that anger and feelings of inadequacy about a small penis, probably realize that you're going to hell. Tell the Devil I said hi.

    I'll be free in 4 months, you'll still be an *******!

    **** you,


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    Los Angeles, California
    My response:

    Wow! Do you French Kiss grandma with that mouth?

    Bubba's waiting for you . . .


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