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    PBJ and expungement

    What is the name of your state? Delaware

    Hello. Around 2 years ago I received probation before judgment in DE for a misdemeanor. I received 1 year probation along with community service. I successfully completed the probation and community service. My lawyer at the time told me that after completing the pbj that the incident would be erased from my record as if nothing had ever happened. Unfotunately, i never followed up on the case after i completed the probation. My probation officier said I did not have to do anything else. However, I have recently graduated from college and am looking for a job and this incident has shown up on a FBI fingerprint background check. My question is.. did i receive false information about the expungement of this record? Am i supposed to petition for expungement or is there actually an automatic expungement upon completion of the probation before judgment and this was not supposed to show up?

    I read that expunged records could only be found out by law enforcment agency type jobs. Thank you.

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    You need to pay a fee and request the expungement. Contact either the court or your attorney and ask what is required.
    P.S. I have been told the PBJ can be expunged, but the arrest record (if you were indeed arrested) will never go away.

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    Did you actually "complete" it? Did you go back to court? You didn't specify exactly what showed up on your record. PBJ removes the conviction, but not the charge or the arrest, as was previously stated.

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