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    Probation Hold/ Violation

    What is the name of your state? Colorado
    On Tuesday My boyfriend and I were involved in a harsasment case and he was brough to jail. from there he was placed on a probation hold and told that he would be released after the hold and his bond is lifted. i spoke to his probation officer and he said he was waiting on a bench warrant to be issued before he could lift the hold. and when i called and spoke to the workers at the Jail they said all they needed was for his probation officer to lift the hold and he would be relased and that the bench warrant isnt issued until he is released. so who is right?
    also i am trying ot get this case dismissed because this was just an arguement got looked at in a bad situation. my boyfriend did not hit me or hurt me in anyway. the thing is if he gets convicted of this his probation will possibley be revoked and he may ave t go to jail. we were thinking if we could push the trial back past july (when he would be off of probation) than they could not revoke it how accurate is this plan and will that work? will he still be considered violating his probation if the case is dismissed?What is the name of your state?

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    even if the case is dismissed it can still be considered a probation violation because of the police contact.

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    Probation revocation and the new charges are two separate. They do not need a conviction to revoke his probation...just a hearing.

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