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    lookingood Guest

    Cool Probation Violation in Florida

    This is for a friend of mine. He was on administrative probation that would have been up in February 2002. He was arrested on a felony 10 years ago for grand theft..served 3 years and received administrative probation for 3. His ex fiance knew he was on probation. The relationship ended badly so she went out and filed a restraining order on him to get back at him, even though she had no proof he was doing anything. After she found out he was dating someone else, she went and filed an aggrevated stalking charge on him, knowing that being on probation, that he would automatically go back to jail. Because he was on probation in another county, they picked him up on the warrant for VP and are holding him in jail. The aggrevated stalking charge is in a different county and that hearing is in November.

    My question is, how long can they hold him on the probation violation since he hasnt been found guilty in the aggrevated stalking charge? Since his probation will be up in February, can they hold him past that if his case on the stalking charge has not taken place???? or if he is found innocent???? He's now been in jail 2 months and his next hearing for the VP is not until January. The judge and prosecutor were both agreed to let him out but the EX keeps calling and telling the courts that she is afraid for her life if they let him out...so they made him stay in on heresay

    THanks, appreciate any guidance. This man has lost everything because of this. His business, apartment and soon his car.

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    Ruffneck20 Guest

    Revoked Probation

    I've been going a place called Intervention, a third party probation and parole office. I've had too many problems with them to list. My main point is when I was arrested for a DWAI in
    Grand Junction, Co, I was only visiting for a few months before going back to Tucson, Az. I had originally thought I would just have to go on house arrest, do some community service, go through some alcohol classes, and go home. That was before I realized I somehow slipped into a year of probation, and that the alcohol classes would take over nine months to complete.
    I tried to explain to Intervention that I was an Arizona Citizen when I was arrested, and I wanted to get my case transfered to Az. Intervention has been no help in getting me home. The times I've gone in on appointments by myself, they said tranfering the case was impossible, while the times my mother has gone in with me they said it was a possibility.
    I finnally went to work on a oil rig to make enough money to pay off my fines, but in doing so I had trouble making it to my alcohol classes on time. Soon after I worked it out with my company to make it to all classes on time, I was caught drinking a beer at a festival with some friends, by my probation officer. This should have been an instant revokation of probation, but instead she told me I would have to stay in town to do breathilizers about every other day. Meaning I would have to quit my job to stay in town. Her exact words were, "I may be setting you up to fail, but so be it".
    I did have to quit my job, but quickly wrote a letter to the Judge explaining my case, and that all I wanted was to tranfer my case back to Az. Four days latter I came home to a message from the Judge's assistant saying the Judge had agreed to transfer my case. I was thrilled to say the least, but my happiness was short lived. Thirty minutes later I was called in to intervention and was told that my probation had been revoked, and that I would have to go back to court on the 20th of this month. I have been unable to reach the Judge this weekend. All of this just happened yesterday. I truly feel that my rights have been violated by Intervention, if not as a Colorado Citizen, then as an Arizona Citizen.
    My mother and I are seeking legal advise from anywhere. My mother wants to sue the crap out of them, while I just want to get back home. I AM NOT A CRIMINAL!!
    Thank you for reading this as it was longer than I had intended.

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