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    car abandoned on my property for 7mths can i charge storage fees?

    What is the name of your state? Mississippi

    When we moved here from Texas in Novemeber of 2005, some friends come along in thier vehicle with plans to move here also. After a week past they purchased a new vehicle and told me that they were going to go back to Texas to pick up the rest of their belongings and wanted to leave their other car at our place. They give me the key so that I could move it if needed. They never come back. We called them several times the following month and they said they were coming to get the car. Then they just quit taking our calls. Now phone has been disconnected and we have no way of even knowing were they are living to contact them even by mail. My question is can I sue them for storage fees or is there someway I can get the title put in my name and just take the car as payment for said fees, it has been 7 months. I have contacted the bank that was the lien holder but they say it has been paid for in full. Can someone please give me some helpful advice. The car is in good shape but it is just sitting there because it can not be registered.

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    Why not start here , then contact DMV .


    And if you can't contact the Friend , you can't have them served for small claims .

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