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    Question Finding out if there is a lien on my tax return?

    Hi! Is there anyway I can find out if there is a lien on my tax return? ANd who can have this done? My ex and I were joint on a piece of property and he left me with the whole bill and I am trying to pay it off but have been told they might put a lien on my tax's. this is through a private person. thanks

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    First, unless the creditor has statutory authority (tax agency, child support, court order, etc.), it would be extremely unlikely for ANYONE to be able to place a lien against ANY asset of yours.

    So, without a judgment first, this creditor can't do it.

    Second, even though it is possible to place a lien against some state income tax refunds (only a few allow it), it would be uncommon for an individual to do it (usually done by a state agency).

    Bottom line... if this is NOT a government agency AND if a judgment has NOT been rendered, they are lying to you.

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