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    hello I live in Ga. while driving down a state highway along a golf course that doesnt have any fencing or webing my car was struck and the windshield busted. I went to the golf course and tried to track down the golfer to no avail.
    my question can I sue the golf course since in my opinion they are at fault for not taking reasonable and foreseable caution to protect the public from stray golf balls since they is a possiblity that this will occur. The golf course says they are not resonsible. I took them to magistrate court which lasted 5 minutes and the judge said there is no law protecting the public from this. I believe there must be some liabilty law that can be found and I could appeal this. Cany anybody help?


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    That is why many motorist carry comprehensive insurance with their auto insurance policy. It covers unforseen risks such as you experienced. And as vehicle operators, we must assume the risk ourselves that when we drive by a golf course, there is the minimal chance that our vehicle will be struck by an errant golf ball. And even if you did find the golfer that hit the ball, you would have to prove intent that he meant to break your windshield. The golfer may play the game poorly, but he did not mean to break your windshield. File a claim with your insurance and get on with your life.

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