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Thread: is this illegal

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    bowie1 Guest

    Question is this illegal

    I loaned my friend $500 AT THE casino to gamble with. He also agreed to pay $25 in ATM fees. I have two witnesses. We are both of age and it was legal to gamble in that state (Mississippi). He lives in Tennessee and I live in Georgia. He has since become a drug addict and not payed me back. I made reasonable attempts to get the money, but it has failed. I am going to take it to small claims court very soon. My question: was it illegal to loan money to someone to gamble with? I've heard both ways. Thanks for your help (anyone).

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    maltlicker Guest

    can't squeeze green from an addict

    if he is drug addict, the whole point is moot. Even if you win the judgement, they will tell him to pay you and that is the end of it. What will you do next?

    try and garnish his wages? this would be hard since he is out of state, plus it will cost you more $$ to even try.

    Put a lein on his property? sounds like this isn't really an option, plus it will cost you more $$.

    Might be time to face that you're out $500 bucks, cut your losses and move on.

    sucks, but that is how I see it.

    btw, I am not a lawyer.

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    Ole kuntry girl Guest

    I have a question for you...

    Do you still call him friend?
    I can't see how it is illegal to loan money to a "friend" if they gamble with it. If you loan him the money and he doesn't tell you he is going to gamble with it, would it be illegal too? People take out "loans" on credit cards to gamble...Is that illegal? and who would you charge with the illegal action? I don't think that it is illegal...It would not make sense. Well, I better be careful what I say... there are a lot of things in the law area that I do not think is very logical. Law is not Logic!! Sometimes I think the LAW is illegal. But good luck anyway!!

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    Ole kuntry girl
    Read your credit card information carefully; some accounts will be closed if the user violates the provision of can not be used for purchasing casino chips; whether or not using an ATM in a casino is included in that provision, I have no idea.

    You were in a legal gambling facility; no problem there.
    I wouldn't recommend wasting your time trying to collect this money. If and when your friend reclaims his life, perhaps he will repay the money. You probably would have gambled the money at the casino anyway, either this time or next. Chaulk it up to experience and move on.

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