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    Question slander and defemation of character

    I am a editor for my high school newspaper and recently I wrote an article about a local reporter from our cities newspaper,Rockfor,IL. In the editorial I wrote that I thought he favored a local high school more than the other schools and I was being sarcastic at some points but was basically stating my opinion. At the end of the article I wrote who I was talking about and said "He is supposed to report about all local prep sports but seems to favor Boylan." I feel that when I said that I showed that this column was me expressing my opinion and was ok to print. Now the person I wrote about is irate and is saying that I must interview him and retract my previos column and report about his education and professional experience. I was wondering if this man has any legal grounds for a law suit that he is threatening because he feels that I was questioning his ethics and education (which I wasn't).

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    Ken, first I would like to thank you for given me a great chuckle when I read your topic... "Slander and Defecation of Character". (Damn, almost fell out of my chair again just thinking about it!!!). The correct term is 'Defamation of Character', you might want to look up 'your' term. (Though from your post, your wording might be more accurate).

    Based on your included statement, your article appears to be your opinion only and did not state 'his' position as that of fact, only that 'he' "SEEMS to favor Boylan". That wording, and the fact that this was an 'editorial' (was it on the Op-Ed page?), shows that this was purely your opinion.

    And you have every right to voice your opinion. My suggestion would be to ignore the 'Plick' (Chinese word, think about it). He has absolutely no claim against you and your opinion is protected by the First Amendment (as is the reporters). If the reporter contacts you by phone, politely but firmly advise him that ALL contacts must be in writing. (Bet he doesn't put his claims to print). If he contacts you in writing, write a complaint to the editor of his paper and include the reporters letter. I am sure that HIS editor will advise him of the same First Amendment that protects HIS paper.

    Summary.... tell him to pound sand!

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    My response:

    A refreshingly, tasteful, post.

    defaecate [dfket]
    vb. a variant spelling of {defecate}.
    defecate or defaecate [dfket]

    1. (intr.) to discharge waste from the body through the anus.

    -The Collins English Dictionary © 1998 HarperCollins Publishers

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