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    Stolen Furniture - Filed Civil should file Criminal?

    My sister and fiance were renting an apartment with another roomate. After living together for less than a year the roomate started to dabble in drugs and started to deal drugs. My sister moved out, however during the move out the roomate called the police and claimed that my sisters furniture was a mutual purchase, which was a complete lie (It was my parents furniture which they gave her, $9,000 furniture set purchased 10 years ago). The police made them leave the furniture at the apartment. My sister went to the police station after receiving documentation/evidence to prove that the furniture was her's two days later, however the furniture by than was moved out of the apartment.

    Fast forward three months later, my sister sued him for the furniture back and he counter sued for 3 months rent ($2,000) as she left before the end of the lease agreement. They settled through a mediator at the court where my sister has to pay 3 installments of $700 for the total of $2,000 and he has to give a portion of the furniture after each installment.

    We are thinking that the roomate sold the furniture (we saw it up for sale on craigslist) and the roomate is claiming he barely/doesn't remember what the furniture looked like (it was a lie). My sister will find out if he has the furniture, after the first payment of the $700 is made. However, she must pay him the money first before she receives a portion of the furniture back.

    Should my sister in addition file criminal actions on her ex-roomate? He stole her furniture, lied to police, and also lied in court today and there is the possiblility she might not get the furniture back or correct furniture.

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? New Jersey

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    What is the name of your State ? ( US Law Only )

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