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    Do I get back pay from ssdi when switching from ssi as a disabled adult child

    I have been on SSI for about 15 years now, and my father is retiring and I was disabled before 22 so I should qualify for the Disabled Adult Child under my father's account for SSDI. What I was wondering is if I get a lump sum of back pay, and where would the start of this back pay begin on my record--would it be when I became disabled when I was 21 or would it be later. I am now 35.

    Do I subtract what I got for all this time with SSI from the lump sum of back pay that I would get from SSDI, calculating the amount of lump sum I will get from Social Security.

    Any info or response I would appreciate. Thank you!

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    Your earliest possible entitlement date to Disabled Adult Child benefit would be the date of your father's retirement. You said he is retiring now, so now is the earliest possible entitlement date. No payments before the date of his retirement. You do still need to file a claim too.

    SSI will consider this to be unearned income and it will reduce the SSI benefits. If there is any retroactive Social Security benefit, windfall offset will be applied so that you only get the amount you would have gotten if the auxilliary benefits were paid on time. Anything else goes to pay back the SSI.

    Do not expect a lump sum. Do expect SSI to be decreased.

    Also, SSI will require that you file for benefits on your father's record or SSI can stop for failure to do so.

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