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    File Sent To Local Office

    Ohio I just called Social Security Office, 1-800 number. She said my file was sent to my local office for writing. She said that could of been my old info that she was looking at though. I had my hearing in front of the ALJ in Oct, 05. He approved me then and there. I have heard if your file is sent to your local office that you have been denied. Can an ALJ change his mind after he granted you a favorable decision at your hearing.

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    Not really true, all decisions go to be written I was told the samething. From my case anyway it went from the Judge to Writing back to Judge for signature, then a letter to you and the payment center. My hearing was in August, decision Nov. something, not signed and mailed till Dec. about a month later. It's been 5-6 weeks and still in the payment ctr. they called that the local office. I was told I wouldn't hear anything for 60 days after the decision.
    Good Luck

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    Frank, thank you for replying. So, it was around 4 months before you got your favorable decision letter from the Judge? It has been 3 months and 7 days since my hearing and at that time the Judge approved me right then and there. Myfile has been in the writing process since Dec. 12, 05. Thanks once again for your help. Pam

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    Maybe it's good news!

    Mine went to the local office so I could go in person to show my birth certificate and fill out forms. Then I was told I was officially approved and got my money within a week.

    Oh, no hearing, I'm a first time approved'er.

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    Another thought. I actually called my local office and found out they were going to call me for an appointment. Might be worth a ring to the office and find out what's happening.

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    Files are sent to local offices for calculating any SSI benefits due as well.

    SSDI calculations are done in Baltimore; SSI calculations are done in local offices. In my case, when I was approved I was eligible for both. However, the SSI went back 5 years and my local office took forever to get all the amounts calculated, which in turn held up the SSDI calculations in Baltimore. The local office had to do their figures first, then Baltimore had to take out what I was going to get from SSI backpay out of the SSDI backpay portion. Baltimore couldn't process everything until the local office got their numbers in.

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