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    Social Security check attachment

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state?

    Can my bank attach my Social Security check and apply the proceeds against an overdraft? The overdraft was a result of issuer stopping payment on the check after I began writing checks against the balance.


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    Yep, The bank can charge any fees it has policies for, and take it directly from your account. If you ask nicely they might waive it , if that is your sole income, but don't count on it .

    If you get checks, and this happens often, you might just want to have an account with minimum monthly charges, just to cash the checks, and keep the money home in a small fireproof safe.

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    morona Guest

    Cool be smart and beware!

    Your bank account is not safe! A creditor can zap your bank account even without authorization and if it's an electronic debit good luck. For instance, Child Support Division S.B County, CA. wiped out my bank account that was set-up for direct deposit for SSI, I owed nothing, in fact, my ex owed for overpayment and unreported for over $2,500. not only that my check to make a truck payment bounced. I ended up losing my truck to the repo man before I could striaghten the whole thing out 4yrs ago. Then just last month my mortgage company took out two seperate payments with the same transaction number and the bank took no responsibility! I had to borrow money so that my automatic payments wouldn't bounce! Yeah, direct deposit is safe, and it's also in the bank.....

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