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    dodgeboyz Guest

    Unhappy Social Security Disability Investigators??

    What is the name of your state?Michigan

    I had a hearing in front of a SS judge back in May,and he said I was disabled do to my heart problems,well I got the check for back pay a week ago,and now there has been someone watching my house and taking pictures,I cannot see him taking the pictures of my house,but he is definately taking pictures,I saw him again today,he stopped on the corner onto my street and stopped and sat there for a few minutes,then he moved closer and sat there for a few minutes and drove away,drove to the next block and stopped for a few and drove away again,is this guy watching me?
    I have never broken the law and dont intend to,but this has me a little gun shy,does Social Security check up on you?

    thanks in advance.

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    It's possible....and now you have me wondering..LOL Probably about the same time that my DH got his back pay we had someone taking pictures. They were taking pictures of ours and our neighbors house and at the time I thought it could of been a surveryor or something since our homes are new and in a new area but our neighbor is on disability too.

    I wouldn't worry as long as you aren't doing things you've claimed you can not do. My DH doesn't do anything outside in the yard where he could be seen. He can do things in short periods of time but who's to say those 5-10 minutes he's outside that someone doesn't come by and see something? He's required to use a cane and he makes sure he does that even when he thinks he's stubborn and things are ok.

    I think it's normal to be paranoid about these things because it takes you so long to get it in the first place you don't want to do anything that could risk you losing it.

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    dodgeboyz Guest
    It seems though they would have done that before they payed me almost 20,000 dollars in back pay

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    That is true but they can come and check any time they feel even if it's 2 years from now.

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