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Thread: SSDI Payee

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    Question SSDI Payee

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? MI

    I am a bit confused because of what I have been trying to read on-line and in the information that I received from SSI.

    Our 28 yr old son was finally approved for SSDI this past summer. His diagnosis was Asperger's with learning disabilities. Because of his impulsiveness and immaturity, it was decided by SSDI that our son needed a "payee" and he asked if I could/would be. After answering all of their questions, verbally and written, apparently I qualified. My questions I think are a bit too detailed to be actually addressed in print .. I guess?? I am confused and worried that I might do something illegal and just want to do this all correctly .. so I won't be hurting any benefits son is receiving.

    The rep at our local SSDI office gave me the specific way the "payee" account was supposed to be set up and that seems to be all good. All monies (except some retro SSI payments) have been going directly into that account. There have been a few large sum SSDI retro payments that went directly into that account and they still sit there.

    What was indicated to me, by son's SSDI rep, is that because he only just qualified for the SSI for a year (and NOW he is just receiving SSDI) we do not have to worry about spending down the retro payments in a certain time period. Am I understanding that correctly?

    I am understanding that I am supposed to be (and have been) tracking how all of his monthly monies are spent. That is very easy. But .. I got the impression .. again, from the SSDI rep, that our son really should be "required" to pay my husband and I "rent". She indicated that $500 per month would be fair. I think I got the impression that they would almost be "requiring" that? Otherwise he could be "cut off" from the SSDI? Is that correct?

    Next question is in regards to the bank account that is set up that all monies have gone into. Can that money be moved to a different (I'm thinking) interest bearing account? Basically .. for the retro sums?

    Also .. on those retro lump sum monies .. am I supposed to be keeping tally on how those are spent? I mean, do I .. should I ... be keeping the "reins" on that money, so son doesnt' spend it foolishly. .. And he would! (I thought I understood that I was ..but just clarifying to pass on to son. ;-)

    When we do give son (a little bit .. or some) of those retro lump sum monies, do I need to "track"? I can totally understand tracking those monthly amounts that he is "living" on .. but am a bit embarrassed on a couple of things that we allowed him to spend some of those monies on. A new stereo (couple hundred) and some birthday gifts for girlfriend ..stuff like that. Consequently, that is why I have those "specific" questions about tracking those lump sum monies, etc ..

    Thanks in advance for any light you can shed on this for me.

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    In the good old US of A
    SSA.GOV has a wealth of info , and if you have specific questions , you should write them down and visit your local SSA Office and speak to a SSA Rep. , or better yet a supervisor if you're allow .

    If these lump sums are SSI then they need to be spent within 9 months I believe .

    If you child lives with you , you can charge rent .

    If you want to buy Stereos , or give some spending cash - write down amounts a miscellaneous .

    You should be able to set up a savings account also .

    Be aware though other things can be effected by too much money on hand ( as assets ) . Again talk to the reps at SSA , Medicare , and any other agencies giving assistance to see what amount(s) would affect the assistances .

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    Hi BL,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Okay .. I spoke to a work associate who stopped into my office today .. and she told me that she is also rep payee for her adult son. She indicated to me that she did not have to do any kind of "report" for the large retro SSI/SSDI payments that her son received. She just had to report on how the monthly amounts were spent.

    I define this then .. that Social Security is not concerned with how or what the retro monies are spent on .. but do need to/ want to know (understandably so) that the monthly monies received from SSDI are spent appropriately.

    FYI: Son qualified for back SSI payments for about a year. He is getting those retro payments at 6 month intervals. He received lump back payments of (disability portion) back in October 2008. So now son is totally *only* receiving monthly disability payments.

    I did read all of my literature and also went on-line, this really is not addressed anywhere. I (also) put in a call to the SS rep that helped son initially get set up last summer. Still waiting for her return call. She is not good about that .. the last time it was a month before she finally called me back. Unfortunately do not have the time to drive 30 miles (and sit and wait)to our nearest SS office.

    Again .. thanks for your response.

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