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    unearned income while on SSDI

    What is the name of your state? Massachusetts

    I've been trying to research this but haven't found anything "definitive". I've been on SSDI for 3+ years. I'm still disabled - in fact more disabled than when I applied.

    My question is: how does unearned income affect SSDI? Specifically, the sale of something that one has owned since before becoming disabled. The potential sale is high 5-figure or low 6-figure. At this point my interest is speculative. I do not have an actual offer - I am basing my valuation on similar comps.

    But I cannot afford to lose my Medicare. I can't afford to lose the SSDI income, either, but the really BIG issue is the Medicare. So I am trying to answer this question before making any changes to my situation.

    Any advice or pointers to pertinent reference material would be very appreciated. Again, this is SSDI not SSI - there is a ton of information available about all the possible ways that income can affect SSI. But there is very little about SSDI. And I don't want to take the lack of information as "no impact" and risk my Medicare.



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    I honestly don't know about the "circumstances" that may change what I have found, however, I am researching much of the same info for a relative and this is what I found about what the SSA considers to be income. Click the following link and scroll down to "What you must report to us" and click on "If there is a change in your income or the income of family members" and scroll down to "What we count as income" and "Items that do not count as income".


    Again, this may or may not pertain to your particular situation, its just that it took me forever to find some of this info, so hopefully I could save you a few steps. Good Luck.

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    Thank you for that link KS. Unfortunately, all of that information is specific to SSI not SSDI so it didn't really answer my question.


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    the only unearned income that can affect your SSDI is workman's compensation or public disability benefits. Capital Gains, or proceeds of a sale do not affect SSDI benefits.

    "Benefits can be reduced when the NH also receives workers' compensation or public disability benefits. (See DI 52001.000.) "

    This link may help you also.

    You can always call the SSA toll free number and ask your questions. 1 800 772 1213.

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    Sale of Home ?

    If you're on SSI and you are talking about selling your home - which it sounds like you may be - you have 90 days to reinvest your assets into another home or into certain types of trusts. Are you on SSI? Either way, you should see a Social Security lawyer to figure out how to invest your assets safely, legally and correctly. I do know that if you're on SSI you have just three months to do that after receiving monies for the sale of property and that during that time you will lose your monthly check for whatever time you are holding the actual proceeds from the sale - but you should not lose your Medicare. On SSI if you have the money longer than three months you will lose your eligibility and have to reapply for assistance. You really should seek counsel and not depend on this posting site. Your health benefits are on the line and you should get expert advice for your state. These lawyers are familiar with and deal with these matters all the time. You should be able to find them in the phone book. Just my advice.

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