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    Unhappy What to do after sort term disability runs out if I am not able to return to work yet

    New York
    I have been on short term disability thru my employer since December 1st. It is due to expire June 1st. I have been seeking treatment for anxiety, depression, panic attacks and agoraphobia. I also have asthma which triggers a lot of attacks. What should I apply for (ex. SSI, SSD, etc.) I am not clear as to what the differences are and all that I can apply for. I do not see myself being able to return to work for quite a while, if at all. I can not drive due to this, nor can I go into certain places, deal with a lot of stress, certain lighting affects me, I can't concentrate, focus or remember a lot. Are my chances for approval for SSI and/or SSD higher because I was approved for short term disability originally? What steps should I take? Thank you!What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

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    Looks like you missed the first boat. If you have had a job for a at least a few years, you should have marched down and applied for SSD on December 1st. SSI is for people that have never worked or very little. Check into food assistance in your state, here in Michigan it is called a Bridge Card. There you can also get cash allowance, and other things to help. Check into the Salvation Army, they give out food to people like you 4 times a year or more sometimes. Many churches give out free food once a week too. And call United Way and tell them you need help. They have a way to help you fill out the app for SSD too and it is free. But first of all file for SSD ASAP it will take a very long time to get it. From 6 months to as much as a few years. Sometimes mental illness they push through better. Ask the person that helps you at United Way to write a hardship letter with the SSD form. No matter what like me, it takes a long long time.
    NEVER miss a Doctor's appointment, ever! And make darn sure your Doctor agrees you can not work at all doing anything!! That is very important too.

    Good Luck

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    Does your employer offer long term disability?

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    I would apply for SSDI, as long as you have been disabled for atleast one year.

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