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    What is quality review

    My sister was told she was awarded her disability and that she would be getting her letter in the mail.
    When she didn't get it, she called and they told her that her case had been chosen for quality review.
    Can you please tell me what this means and if it could change the favorable decision ?
    She has a host of illnesses mental and physical and does not have long to live.
    She worked hard her whole life and paid plenty into the system.
    I am so sad for her as she was happy but now she is sick from being told that.

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    In the good old US of A
    From application to actually sending out checks , goes through different offices and processes.

    [url=http://www.ssa.gov/pressoffice/dibquality.htm]Social Security Administration Quality Review Identifies Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits[/url]

    [url=http://www.ssa.gov/foia/bluebook/60-0040.htm]Quality Review System, SSA/DCFAM/OQAPA/OQA[/url]

    This could also be part of it . Make suree SSA knows of it .

    Can a person with a terminal illness qualify for disability benefits?

    Yes. The requirements for disability benefits are the same for a person with a potentially terminal illness as for a person with a non-terminal illness.
    We make every effort to identify a case involving a person with a potentially terminal illness as early in the claims process as possible and we have special procedures we follow to process the claim as quickly as possible. We may become aware of the potentially terminal illness through statements from the person claiming disability, or from the person’s friend, family member, doctor or other medical source. Or there may be an allegation or diagnosis of AIDS, or indications that the person is registered in a Medicare-designated hospice or is receiving hospice care. Regardless of the potentially terminal illness or how we learn about it, we tightly control the case throughout the claims process and make special efforts to assist the person in providing necessary evidence.

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