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    msutliff Guest


    To make a long story short, I hired a independant contractor to roof my house. He hardly worked.. He disappeared.. It rained..
    He is not returning my calls. I paid another roofer to complete the job.. but this guy's trailer is still in my driveway. I wonder if it's stolen since he appears to have a abandoned it.

    What can I do to get rid of this trailer and protect myself?

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    Roger R Guest


    Send him a register letter telling him to remove it. Then have it towed to his place and leave it there. Better yet, ask a local lawyer as he'll know local practices, and what you really should do in your community.

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    daveyo Guest


    Give "Frankie the Firebug" a call...he'll have you fixed up in a jiff!

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    msutliff Guest


    I called the sheriff. They told me that I could have the trailer impounded at the owner's expense.

    I called the guy several more times.. he did not come and get it.. I called him one last time, leaving a message and mentioned my conversation with the sherrif. 30 min. later he arrived and removed his trailer.

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