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    Conduct After an Accident

    What is the name of your state? Ma

    I live in MA now, but when this incident happened (2 years ago), I lived in NH. I hit black ice and slammed into a guard rail , spinning my car around. It was late at night in the middle of winter on a dimly lit and with few, if any other drivers. No one, including the police were nearby. I didn't have a cell phone .As I only hit a guard rail, and the police weren't there, it never dawned on me to stay with the vehicle. I was very shaken up having little control over the car during this accident, and I had never had an accident.

    The police came to my home because my license plate had come off when it slammed the guard rail, and the police had been going up and down this road all night, and noticed the plate because it hadn't been there earlier. By the time they arrived, it had been hours, and in the interim a friend had come over immediately when I got home as I was still shaking, and very upset. We shared a bottle of wine, then she went home and I went to bed. I had been asleep only a short while when the police arrived.

    The police were very aggressive, and I don't know if they smelled alcohol on my breath, or they felt I was sluggish (which I was), but they kept asking me questions, almost accusing me of drinking and driving prior to the accident. There was no tests or anything. I was told later that a lot of times that is why people leave the accident (drinking) and the police get frustrated. Anyway, none of that was mentioned in court, but I received a misdemenor (I think B). Was that a harsh penalty, perhaps brought on by the officers incorrect assumption? What shows up on my record, and who can access it? How can this hurt me? I am a teacher and I will be having a COREL done soon. Plus I need to get new insurance as I moved.

    Thank you.

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    To request a copy of a New Hampshire Driver Record submit a Release of Motor Vehicle Records form, which is available online using the free Adobe Reader.
    Submit fees for the different copies of driver records:
    Non-certified copy: $8
    Certified copy: $10
    Insurance copy: $8
    If you are giving someone else permission to apply for a copy of your driver record, such as an employer or bank, then the form has to be notarized. Mail the form to:

    Department of Safety
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    Driver Record
    23 Hazen Drive
    Concord, NH 03305
    You can expect to receive the driving record within 10 days of filing the application.

    Contact the Driver Records office at (603) 271-2322.

    Google:New Hampshire Points for Driver Violations.
    The Driver Records office should be able to say how long points remain on the driver's licence in New Hampshire.

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    You can go to the Registry in MA and get a copy of your driving record. That will tell you if it shows up there, but you should also be able to tell from your insurance bill. The insurance company should tell you your SDIP rating each year including the events that factored into the calculation of the rating.

    Whether it would show up in a CORI (I assume that is what you meant by COREL) is another question. I don't know the answer to that as I don't know what shows up in a CORI but my understanding is that any arraignment, even if you were ultimately found not guilty, shows up when someone does a CORI. Of course in your case there is the additional question of whether MA would know about a court case in NH. Sorry I can't help with that. Good luck.

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