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I recently received a traffic ticket for the Mo. Highway Patrol citing that I was following another vehicle too closely less than 1 car length. I was wondering what my options are. I called the Prosecuting Attorney's office for the County it was located in and they said they cannot discuss making it a no/non-points violation without having an attorney.

I am willing to fight the ticket because of the fact I was going under the speed limit (66 in a 70) and the officer also stated I was going 72, however he said he did not have it on the radar, rather he was pacing me. He pulled over myself and the car in front of me for the same exact ticket. Also ... If I was following less than 1 car length between myself and the car in front of me, then how could the police officer be able to move his car between the both of us to pull us over?

So really ... what options do I have here? Can I request, even though the officer said the 72 in a 70 he supposedly paced me at was a warning with the real ticket being for the following too closely, to check the patrol car to see if its service records are up to date and to check its spedometer to see if its reading are correct?

Any advice would be great ... and ... do I really have to have an attorney to request a non-points violation reduction?????