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    Fat Tony Guest

    Driving under suspension

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    OK, I know you guys are going to have fun with me asking something, so go right ahead. But all BS aside, this is a serious question, and I would really appreciate it if anyone can help me find an answer.

    Thursday 2/3/2005, I got pulled over for having only one headlight. I told the officer right away that I have no valid drivers license, so he didnt waste his time running my license, and I come back suprised and what not. Anywho, he gave me a ticket for the no headlight, and a ticket for Driving under FRA suspension, which means my license was suspended for not having insurance. Big problem. I am currently under 2 concurrent judicial suspensions, which means as part of my punishment for earlier infractions, my license had to be suspended for 1 year, and for a 12 point suspension, also concurrent. I always have had insurance on any car I drive, and have proof of such dating back to 1993. I have never been under FRA suspension. I looked up the law number written on the ticket, and sure enough, it comes back non-compliance (insurance) suspension.

    My question is this: When you go to traffic court here (Franklin County, Ohio), the prosecutor will almost always cut you a deal if you can get a valid drivers license before you go in front of the judge. I cant do that in my situation, as my judicial suspensions run through September 2005. However, if I can prove to the judge (or prosecutor) that I wasnt (or shouldn't have been) under an FRA suspension at the time the citation was issued, wouldnt they have to drop that charge? Would they then be able to pick up a driving under 12 point suspension or driving under judicial suspension charge even though it wasnt on the original citation? I know there are a lot of twists and turns here, and believe me, I'm going to have more questions no matter what answer is given, but please, somebody versed and experienced in Ohio law, help me out with this one. Hell, if you practice here, I'll even hire you to defend me on this if you think it will fly. I just cant have any more DUS convictions, or I'll do 180 days county time, and I cant stand the county jail. Thanks in advance.

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    Fat Tony Guest
    Come on, nobody?

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