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    Dwls W/knowledge

    What is the name of your state? Florida

    A buddy has an outstanding warrant for his arrest for DWLS W/KNOWLEDGE in Florida. Per the public website his Bond is $250.

    The warrant is just over 2 yrs old. I have convinced him to clear this up but he is not sure what the procedure is to take care of this. I was told that I should call the clerks office and pay the fees for him and then have him turn himself in. Is this the best course? Will he be looking at serving any time? THANKS!

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    Yes the best course of action is to clear it up. The first thing he needs to do is pay any outstanding fines which should show good faith on his part. After everything is paid then ask what the next things that are required to get his driving record in order. Can not say that jail time is due without knowing what all the reasons are for having no license.

    He does not want to be in a situation where he gets pulled over and they find out he has warrants against him because the most likely next stop for him is jail until the get it all sorted out and it will be under their terms and time table which will be more costly for you friend.

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    Dwls W/knowledge

    Thanks. If I pay the fees for him will I have to tell the authorities that I know where he is?

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    The courts do not care who pays as long as it is paid, but the warrant will be enforced until he faces the music so to say. I am not sure if they would require you to say where he is or not. If they really wanted to track him down they would be looking. I think his biggest issue is if he is stopped anytime in the near future he runs the risk of spending at least a night in jail.

    Paying is the first step, you still need to clear the other issues that he is facing

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