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Thread: Enradd got me

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    Angry Enradd got me

    The local police not five miles from my house got me supposedly going 55 in a 35. I told the PO I was not doing 35 but I SURELY was not doing 55. On my citation the device is listed as Enrad Tk100. From what I can see on this site Enradd is spelledc Enradd. I wonder if that would make a difference at a hearing?

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    You disobeyed a rule and forgot to include some pertinent information in your post. Hint: you deleted the prompt that was automatically there when you tried to create the post.

    Give up? We need to know what state you're in.

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    I wonder if that would make a difference at a hearing?
    In this case, the state is not an issue. The misspelling does not prevent you from presenting a valid defense to the citation and will not be cause for dismissal. I would suggest talking to a local attorney to see if there are other options to fighting the citation. Besides, you misspelled a word in your post and we are not holding that against you.

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    ENRADD is only used in PA, and people who know what equipment police use would know this.

    So ENRADD is latest device locals in PA are using, it is probably the most accurate of all methods used by police for measuring speed, however it does assume it was set up correctly and no cars were going the opposite direction at the same times as you. Another car could have trigger the device and the police can not stop it.

    The misspelling of "Enrad" is not a issue, however the TK100 could be since ENRADD model number is not TK100 but EJU-91, TK100 is made by another company so it not clear what equipment they used. If they claiming it was ENRADD ask them to show the Calibration Cert for the ENRADD model TK100 and have them provide proof that ENRADD TK100 was approve for use by the PennDOT.

    Here is the list of all approved devices in PA

    [url=http://www.pabulletin.com/secure/data/vol38/38-18/850.html]PA Bulletin, Doc. No. 08-850[/url]

    If you play your cards right you could create enough reasonable doubt in the evidence against you.

    If you want to learn more about ENRADD there is number of posting about in on radardetector.net

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    enradd got me today

    enradd got me as well...

    71 in a 55...in my lifted jeep...didnt kno it could go that fast

    i guess it wouldnt matter if the officer only wrote "enradd" and no type of model? would it?

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    Well something to think about, most ENRADD operation involved more than one officer. There is usually one officer running the device then radioing ahead to the another officer which car to pull over. There could be some distance between the two and he could have said pull the jeep over and there was jeep Cherokee behind you. Also, the unit can be operated as far as 2500 ft away, so the unit can be a 1/2 mile down the road and sending signal to the patrol car on the speed, if the units is not in clear line of sight the officer may not know which car trigger the unit and he nabs the next car coming down the road.

    As I pointed out above, there is slight change as you broke the first beam another car coming the other way broke the second beam causing an artificial higher speed.

    Anyway if it was a multi-officer operation then all officer involved in the citation must show at court in order to sustain a conviction. This assume you know how to exercise your rights in court and you do not let the magistrate run you over, they will attempt to claim they are not all required which is not true.

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    enradd hearing, officers no-showed

    Hello. I had my hearing today for an ENRADD trap ticket ("51 in a 35" - the 35mph zone is a 4 lane, with no residences, businesses, ped. crossings or lights for 8/10 mile, a parking lot on one side and a mountain wall on the other, and has expressway on/off ramps in the middle - can you say "money making machine", boys & girls?). Violation and hearing were in Pittsburgh, PA. My first question for the judge was "Is the officer issuing the ticket here today?", knowing they (a multi-officer trap where they radioed ahead) were not present (only the baliff/clerk and a sherriff peacekeeper officer were there), and the judge said "no". I was hoping without saying anything more that it would be dismissed on that alone, but he reduced it to "5 over 35" with no points and a reduced fine (to $125 from $150), and since my boss is paying the ticket (happened on company time), I took the offer and didn't push the issue.

    Also, the method of detection written on the ticket was "EWRADO", and when I asked what this was, the judge said "a form of radar". I said municipal PA officers can't use radar, then the balif/clerk chimed in "That's ENRADD, and it's allowed". Is the fact that it is listed as "EWRADO", which is not specifically listed on the above referenced PA Bulletin link grounds for dismissal?

    Should I have pushed for total dismissal since the cops no-showed? Or is that a big myth and they can stick it to you anyway? If it truly is grounds for dismissal, why wasn't dismissed when it was established they weren't there, and what PA law/code clearly states that they must be there or it's dismissed?

    Thanks in advance,


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    If you pushed the issue on the officer being a no show, you could have gotten it dismissed. The reason it was not dismissed is because you did not ask for an immediate dismissal due to lack of evidence and lack of prosecution. If you do not ask they will not grant it they assume you waive your rights to cross examine the witness unless you exercise your rights.

    Lastly, PA does have a provision in the statues to allow the judge to order a continuance if he has good information the officer was not there on for a good cause. If he did attempt to use this, you should also challenge the fact the judge knew the officer was not there for good cause. However, the downside is the judge could make you wait there until they rounded up the officer. Most time they are not there because he forgot or took the day off.

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