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    kms419 Guest

    First time getting a speeding ticket, what should I do?

    What is the name of your state? California

    Lived in SF
    Got the ticket at Sonora

    I was going on a ski with my friends driving my own car. We were being pulled off by an officer as we were on HWY 108 east.

    Because it was my first time getting a moving violation, I really panicked at the moment.

    The officer said I was on 65mph in a 55mph zone, and he asked if I'd seen the signs of it. I told him I only saw the one that says "55mph - Autos with trailer and trucks." Then he gave me the ticket for speeding.

    After that panic moment resided, I remembered I didn't told the officer I saw the 65mph sign before the "55mph - Autos with trailer and trucks" sign, and that was the last sign I saw before I got pulled off.

    It was not that I have missed the signs, but I really didn't see any. I even double check again that I didn't miss any sign by driving the same way back after we finished skiing.

    Can I appeal at court and not get take off points?
    What should I do if I am going to court?

    Please help. Thanks!

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    Ramoth Guest
    Contact the DOT and find out who has authority over that section of the road, and find out what the legal speed limit is. If it's 55, pay the ticket and move on. If it's 65, you can take that before the judge and ask to have the ticket thrown out. But if you can't get definate proof that the speed limit there is 65, you're wasting your time going to court. Pay the fine, and do driving school to reduce the points.

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    if this is your first ticket, you can go to traffic school and no points will be on your record and your insurance will not go up.

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