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    I believe my right to a speedy trial has been violated


    I am residing in Colorado at the moment.

    In Larimer County, I was charged with speeding on the interstate, so it was a county, not a city offense. Anyways, the ticketing officer asked to have the trial postponed and the judge agreed. She then asked to have it post poned a 2nd time, as she was not able to make it...and then a THIRD time. This was only a 4 point speeding ticket.

    I was not allowed to ask her if her supervisors found it imperative that she show up for the trial (the judge disallowed that, without any objection from an attorney) But more importantly I think my right to a fair and speedy trial was definitely disallowed here.

    Can you tell me what law may have been violated, or not followed throughly enough here?

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    The Trial Process

    Prior to the trial, you can obtain copies of the evidence to be used against you by a process caused "discovery."

    On the day of trial, the judge will call the list of cases scheduled for that day to see if you, the prosecutor and any witnesses are present. It's important to be on time and to be ready to present your case You can ask for the case against you to be dismissed if:

    * The officer who gave you the ticket doesn't show up
    * Your trial date has been delayed enough to violate the "fair and speedy trial rule" deadline

    [url=http://criminal.lawyers.com/traffic-violations/Contesting-Your-Traffic-Ticket.html]Contesting Your Traffic Ticket - Lawyers.com[/url]

    Yes, I definitely believe this has believe this has been violated here.

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    You have to invoke your right to a speedy trial, it is not automatic. Do this at the next scheduled trial date. Be prepared to present your defense if your request is denied.

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