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    improper backing????

    What is the name of your state? Ohio

    i got a ticket for improper backing late at night
    i backed up across a street in the back of a neiborhood because i was lost and did not know how to get out
    the cop said i was going over 60mph in a 25mph zone
    i am 17 years old and have already 2 speeding tickets
    i turn 18 in july
    i knew the cop was lieing to me so i called my dad and the cop talked to my dad he told my dad i was going over 60mph. i have a GPS tracker system in my car and when my dad checked how fast i was going on the gps it said i didnt go over 20 mph
    the ticket was written for improper backing i think the cop was just trying to get me for what ever he could
    what can i do to win this ticket i have a lawyer already
    if i dont win will this mean my license will be suspended for a year since it is my 3rd violation?

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    improper backing????

    I live in Florida and I once had a improper backing ticket.
    The police officer was not there when it happened.The store owner made a pass at me and I was distracted as i was backing up on Christmas eve
    I bumped his car,put a small scratch on it and he got really upset and called a state trooper.Then I was issued an improper backing ticket.When i went to court the officer who wrote me the ticket was there.The Judge asked him if he actually saw me backing up.He replied ,"No I did not your honor" The Judge then said the ticket was not valid because he did not see me or witness me backing up.
    Hope this helps some,but how could you get an improper backing and he said you were speeding? it doesn't make sense to me.
    take care,

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