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    Exclamation Improper lane change in Georgia

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Georgia

    Tonight coming back from school, I was in a turn lane with a solid white line on my passenger side but realized I need to travel a different route so I changed back into the right lane to go straight through the intersection. (There was a car in front of me turning left as well, so I was second in line). I am pretty sure that I used my blinker, as it has just become habitual to do so. I continued to proceed through the intersection and up through the next intersection.

    Upon crossing the bridge after the second intersection, I notice blue lights behind me and pull over on the side street right after the bridge. After the meet and greet session, I ask the officer why I was being pulled over, and I was told that I had driven straight through the turn lane at an intersection. I received a citation for "Improper Lane Change" in volation of code section 40-6-123. The documented time of the offense was 12:15 am. The officer cited the traffic level as medium, but the car that just turned left before me and my car were the only cars at the intersection. She also put my (misspelled) middle name as my last name on the citation.

    I looked up the code section i was in violation of, and figured the specific portion of the code the officer was reffering to was a driver cannot "change lanes or move right or left upon a roadway unless and until such movement can be made with reasonable safety." I feel that I made this lane change with reasonable safety, and was within the law regardless of the solid white line. I cannot find any ordinance or code stating that crossing a solid white line in georgia or atlanta is illegal.

    If I go to court over this, do I have to worry about the officer changing the story to say I didn't use my turn signal? I feel that I would lose the officer's word versus 'innocent's' word battle......


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