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    License Suspension Help! Under 20 law in New Hampshire.

    What is the name of your state? New Hampshire

    What is the name of your state? New Hampshire


    My home state is NH however, I live and go to school in Rochester NY currently for the school yeark. In November I was pulled over for speeding going 82 in a 65 on the Thruway. I talked to the cop after I recieved the ticket and he had me still pay the full amount, but he said it was reduced to a turn singnal violation i believe. NH has a law for any person under the age of 20 who recieves a speeding ticket will loose there license. I just recieved my letter a week ago in the mail from NH for license suspension after the long time since the moving violation in NY.
    I am on my second offence first offence was almost 3 years ago when I was pulled over for doing 53 in a 30. I have learned from that and kept my nose clean untill my 8 hour drive to college got me that second ticket in NY to loose my license. Now for the real questions... My school requires internships with companies before you graduate and I am schedualed to do one this summer and it is all set. I am required to drive a good distance to work and NEED my license for my internship. I also need that internship because it is what pays for part of my student loans that are required for me to continue to afford school. Below is a part of the letter that lists the "Scope of Hearing" part of the law for the under 20 rule.


    1) Were you under the age of 20 at the time of violation?
    2) Were you holding an originial license at the time of the violation?
    3) Have you been convicted of any violation listed in Saf- C 204.04
    If the hearing examiner determines that your license should be suspended, the suspension period shall be as follows:
    For the first Conviction , 20 days
    For the second Conviction, 45 days
    For the third or subsequent conviction 90 days.

    There are no provisions under NH law for a "RESTRICTED/WORK ONLY" license in New Hampshire. Once a suspension is imposed, you must stop driving and surrender your license to this office and cannot legally drive until your license /privilege to drive is restored and you hold a valid license.

    The last part is what I am woried about, It states in there no work only license. Is there any way I can get around this or does any one have any advice? I also would like to know since the cop said he brought down the charge of speeding to just a turn signal violation, What is the judge going to see when I show up to Court? I am a student and my academic program requires a job(internship) with a company and because of this suspension coming in several months later I am in trouble and so is my education and financial situation at college. Thanks for any one who can help me out. I appreciate it.


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    Have you researched NY's laws to see if they offer a restricted license?

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    A turn signal violation is a moving violation. You should never pay a ticket without knowing the consequences and never take the word of an officer. Always confirm what is happening with the clerk of court. Talk to an attorney to help you with the hearing.

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