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    Unhappy [NJ] Carless Driving and Provisional License violation

    What is the name of your state? NJ

    I was in a car accident on Halloween where a girl ran a stop sign and hit my car. I had 3 friends in my car at the time and (since I'm only 17) received a ticket for Provisional License violation. My court date for this offense is 12/28/05. Yesterday, I was at a traffic light behind some old guy who was going extra slow. We both made the right turn and the road had two lanes which merged soon after. The old dude went in the left and I went in the right and I began accelarating so I could be in front of him once the lanes merged. One of the ******* cops from the town that I live in decides to pull me over and gives me a ticket for Careless Driving and another one for Provisional License violation because it was after 12 (12:20 am). He said he is supposed to tow my car because I am not allowed to drive it but he let me drive it home. My court date for these two tickets is 12/30/05.
    According to a friend of mine, if you get 2 Provisional License violations, you lose your license for 3 months and each ticket costs $100 + court fees. Another friend also told me that if I plead guilty and speak to the prosecuter, and I have a clean record (which I do, these are the only tickets i have ever gotten), I could pay like $400 and not get the 2 points I would have gotten if I pleaded guilty.
    What would you say is the best course of action for me? I am willing to pay whatever amount to not get the points and not lose my license. What options do I have?

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    The best option, if money is not an issue, is to find good lawyer in the area. Look online or in yellow pages.

    Just stop making excuses, and focus on essential parts of your story. Also, accept the fact that you were in violation, and that would be a good start.

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