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Thread: Nolo in Georgia

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    Nolo in Georgia

    What is the name of your state? georgia.

    I got a ticket 11 years ago and plead nolo. The judge fined me but I rec'd no points on my license. I got another ticket last month, this time for following to closely. I thought I remembered that you can only plead nolo once. Is this true? Thanks

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    By nolo,

    Do you mean no contest [nolo contendere]. If so, all that means is that you do not contest the charges against you, it's kind of like guilty by default. I live in Texas, and I know laws are different, but the principal should be the same. As far as the Points not on your record from the last time, that may be an error. The only way most states allow for Points to not go on your record is by a Defense Driving Course or by deferred adjudication. Both are after a plea of guilty or a plea of no contest [nolo contendere]. Nolo contendere is Latin for No Contest. Some people in Texas call it the plea of "I'm Guilty, but don't want to fully admit it in Court". You should always plead no contest if you get in a wreck, this helps keep the person who you hit from using a guilty plea against you. You are still guilty of the Crime accused, you just have not entered a formal Guilty plea. You should be able to plead it as often a you need.

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    nolo contendere

    yes that is what I want to plead and I was in a wreck. I'll let you know about the points after i go to court. thanks.

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    i was recently caught shoplifting a dvd from a a vidio ware house in lagrange georgia. i am 18 years old and have a clean record. what will happen if i plea nolo or (no-contest)?

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    Nolo pleas have a special meaning in Georgia. A judge can allow you to enter a plea of nolo and get out of the points ( you still get the conviction have to pay the fine/costs). You can do this at most every five years. It's at the discretion of the judge for most moving violations. That feature can't be used for DUI by statute.

    As for non-point-garnering misdemeanors like shoplifting, you will be found guilty and the penalties are the same as if you had plead guilty. The only difference is the nolo plea can NOT be used as evidence of guilt in a civil action.

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