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    Ohio BMV problems

    What is the name of your state? OH

    This is long, but I am having problems with keeping my license valid.
    The first incident was 3/20/2000 and I was 17 at the time. I was involved in an accident and found at fault. I assumed I was under my parents insurance, but found out I was not. I was required to keep SR-22 insurance for what I thought was 3 years.(according to the website, but I don't know if that was changed after my accident) years and pay a reinstatement fee. I did so and after my 3 month suspension I was driving back again.
    Well, I went to college and lived on campus so I didn't need a car. I let my SR-22 bond relapse and that in return suspended my license, which didn't matter.
    Fast forward to Feb 2004, I, thinking my license was valid after the 3 years, drove my roomates car to work and was pulled over. I showed the officer the insurance(officer checked the box that said I didn't, even though I showed him) , license and registration, explained that it was my roomates car . He ran my license and it came back suspended for Non Compliance from the 2000 case. I was told I was suppose to register for 5 years and that my license would be suspended again, but this time for a year since it was my 2nd time receiving this citation. I went to court and I wasn't convicted until Feb, 2006(Driving with no Ops, 50 dollar fine, court cost).
    Since it had been so long, I was required to take the test again and got my license back feb 16th,2006. I had insurance and once again, pulled over in March 2006. I was told my license was suspended once again, and even though I had just taken my test and showed the paper work, the cop didn't believe me and kept me at the side of the road until someone could drive my vehicle home. I went to court and it was quickly dismissed by the judge.
    I asked the BMV why it was suspended and they replied with " you didn't have SR-22 insurance on the Feb,2004 case(which i didn't cause I thought the wait was 3 years and normal insurance would be fine). They said it was supsended from March2006-March2007 because I was convicted on Feb 2006, but they reinstatement is significantly higher because I had 2 incidents in a 5 year period.
    My question is, are they suppose to go by the conviction date when determining that, or the incident date. Can they suspend by the conviction date, or is it the incident date. Also, how can i find the law that specifies what the law was before jan 1, 2004 when they changed their policy. The website shows that its 3 years for first incident and 5 years for the 2nd incident, but the BMV said it was 5 years on all incidents prior to 2004. I am just confused and have been trying to do the right thing, i have keep normal insurance for the last few years, but am having trouble keeping valid.

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    they will always suspend your license from the conviction date, as they can't punish you for your crime, until you've been found guilty of it.


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