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    denisl Guest

    Question Points transfer between NY and NJ

    Does anybody know how many points of an 8 point speeding tickets (+31mph over) recieved in New York would transfer over to New Jersey? I live in NJ and got the ticket in NY. Thanks.

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    bobkat Guest
    As far as I personally know, you will receive the full point spread. It seems that it depends on your insurance carrier, and the luck of the draw. I have spoken to a few attorneys who claim that NJ will not pick up NY points, and that NY does not report the points to NJ. That is not to say that it does not show up on your record...If the insurance carrier pulls your record, it should show up. Maybe I am one of those unlucky few, but I received a speeding ticket back in 99' and within 4 weeks it showed up on my record in NJ....Good luck, it might pay to check out the point reduction classes in your area...

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    Post points transfer

    I have recieved countless tickets in NJ, and none of them showed on my NY record ever. Of course, you have a NJ record. Insurance companies will not pull your record from states other than your home state. The work will never end.

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    The citation would be reported, and not the points. Your state has its own rules for assessing points based on out-of-state infractions, and you should call your local DMV to find out what your consequences will be.

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    All out of state moving violations are charged 2 points in NJ.

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    NY does not post out of state tickets to your record which is why NJ tickets do not show up on the record of a NY driver. However, NY does report to the other states. While NJ will only assign you 2 driver's license points, your insurance carrier will probably assign you the full 8 points. Only your insurance agent can tell you the policy of your particular carrier.

    You will also have to pay the NY surcharge for the next three years. The court does not tell you this and you will be billed by the NY DMV. Fail to pay and your NJ license will be suspended. There are a lot of ways to get a NY ticket dismissed and some of their courts are backed up one to two years. Contest the ticket and you will probably get some type of reduction unless you are in the TVB. NY can also suspend your right to drive in NY if you have or get more tickets in NY regardless of whether you have a valid NJ license.

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