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    Possible Points and fine for driving on a closed road?

    I live in the state of New Jersey. I was driving on a road yesterday that had a sign that said "road closed- local thru traffic only". The idiot that i am, i thought i could use the road to get back to work and there was a line of traffic in front of me traveling down the road... i thought it was ok. As i'm nearing the construction other vehicles started to turn around so i followed the cars infront of me a little further and then decided to turn around. Lucky me, a cop pulled in front of me so i couldn't drive back the other way, and gave me a ticket that said "Road Closed." The people who decided to turn around behind me also got tickets. I'm terrified of what may happen... I have a clean driving record. When the cop filled out my ticket he didn't check court apearence required, and i think it is. CAN ANYONE HELP, PLEASE!!!!!

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    I don't know why you're so terrified, especially considering that you have a clean driving record. This isn't murder or even a dui. Do you have obsessive compulsive disorder, or perhaps a chronic anxiety condition? There are medications that can help. Regarding your ticket, there is no possibility that anything other then a fine and one moving violation will appear on your record. The fine is probably around $150, and the violation is a simple minor traffic violation on your record, probably won't even affect your insurance rates much, since its your first. Being that its your first, you might even be able to plea to a non-moving violation to keep it off your record. If you want to try, plead not guilty and you will receive a court date in the mail, where you can try your luck at getting supervision or pleading to a non-moving offense. Everyone gets a first moving violation. In a lifetime of driving it is virtually impossible to avoid at least one or two moving violations and a fender-bender or two.

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