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    I recently was pulled over in Georgia and given a speeding ticket. The officer had me sign the ticket and later I was reading it and discovered he did not sign it himself. Is this common practice or do I need to let someone know that a certain state trooper is not doing his job? Is the ticket valid without the officers signature? Also, how do I find out how my citation in Georgia will affect my license, which is in Alabama, my state of residence?

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    I am a law school graduate. What I offer is mere information, not to be construed as forming an attorney client relationship.

    There is typically an Interstate Driver's Compact that covers the affect the ticket in Georgia will place on the Alabama Driving Record.

    Now, as to signature. That is probably going to be looked upon as a minor mistake and fully correctable...it won't affect your ticket, as long as his badge number or name is on there.

    As to you informing people this Trooper is not doing a good job, stay out of it. Do you want to invite more tickets? Stop being a martyr and drive more carefully next time.
    : - )

    Also, as to your signature issue: try your Georgia municipal code (easy Yahoo.com search) to see if there is anything in there about it and try this site to get to your STATE statutes: [url="http://freeadvice.com/law/statestatutes.htm"]http://freeadvice.com/law/statestatutes.htm[/url]

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