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    Violation 3111(a) in Pennsylvania...Does it carry points?

    In Allentown PA today, I got a ticket under vehicle code 3111 Section (A).

    He wrote on the ticket "obedience to traffic control devices"

    Does this carry any points or get reported on my driver's license?

    Someone said they didn't think it carried any points, so if this is the case, would it still get reported to my insurance and in turn raise my rates?

    Thanks for the help!


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    it will show up on your driving record, but you will get no points for it. This is the type of violation that everyone that gets stopped hopes to get in the commonwealth. Usually when people get this violation, its the cop being nice to you for stopping you for something different (speeding, red light, etc).

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    No points...and no record IF you don't hold a CDL

    Got tagged myself for this violation this morning. Trooper cut me a break saying no points, no record. A bit of Googling made me wonder if he steered me wrong and it would appear on my driving record. But deeper search revealed this tidbit contained in a PA DMV FAQ on the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act.

    >>>Currently, only violations that result in a sanction being imposed (points being assessed or suspension imposed) appear on any driver record. MCSIA requires all moving violations be recorded on the driving record of a CDL holder. One of the most common violations affected by this change is failure to obey traffic control devices (Section 3111 of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code). Prior to MCSIA, it was not recorded on a driving record. Under MSIA, this violation, as well as other moving violations, will appear on the record of the CDL holder.<<<

    Here's the link to read for yourself

    [url=http://www.dot4.state.pa.us/faq/faq-mcsia.shtml]PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services - FAQ - MCSIA[/url]

    Just search page for '3111'

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    The above it true, however, it does come down to the local court whether they turn the ticket into the state, many times the local courts do not bother reporting 3111 ticket or similar tickets so if they do not report it to the state it will not show up on your driving record. They are not required to report so the do not since they usually reduce speeding ticket down to 3111 to make sure they get your money and at the same time do not want the state knowing they are converting speeding ticket to 3111 tickets.

    However if the court does turn the 3111 in to the state it will show up.

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