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    operating a business without a license

    What is the name of your state?What is the name of your state? Massachusetts

    I know someone who has operated a successful business without a license for over 20 years. How he gets away with it I don't know. What are the penalties for operating a business without a license?

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    what *kind* of license?

    license to do business in the city?
    license to do business in the state?

    it all depends on how the law is enforced, if at all

    for example, I know someone in Chicago with a family-owned business with a storefront that has been in business now for at least 60 years. (Its not a Retail Business though)

    The current owner-operator doesn't have a City of Chicago Business License, his Father never did and neither did his Grandfather.
    One reason they don't is there is no apparent PENALTY.
    The other reason they don't is that once you get a General Business License, it opens the door to all sorts of OTHER Inspectors who come by to check on your Business and see if anything you own could possible cause you to have to have ANOTHER type of license as well.

    I was there once when an Inspector came by and asked to see his City of Chicago Business License.

    He told them "We don't have one. Never have and we never will, now get outta my shop".
    The Inspector tapped his notebook a few times and then left. Nothing happened. This was awhile ago.
    And apparently this has happened regularly over the years and nothing EVER happens. I guess they just don't have any way to enforce it.

    I can't say this will work in MA, but it sounds like there is no method of enforcement.
    You want to turn this guy in because he is a competitor or something?

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