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    Deadline for K-1 form?


    I am the beneficiary of a trust of a family member that is being handled by a bank. In Dec, they sent us a check for interest earned and said we would receive a K-1 form. Two weeks ago they told me that they had received them and were reviewing and sending out. April 15 is rapidly closing in and I still do not have the form. Is there a deadline that these forms need to be sent out by?

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    Deadlines for K-1s was 03/15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginny J View Post
    Deadlines for K-1s was 03/15.
    Yep, I agree 100%, however, unfortunately that does not change the fact that its not all that unusual for trusts or partnerships, or even S-corps to send out K1's well past the deadline.

    I end up doing amended or extended returns for many clients for that same reason.

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