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    Does Virginia personal property tax on vehicles fall under "double taxation"?

    I moved to Virginia from New Jersey one month ago. Before this time I had never heard of Personal Property taxes on vehicles. This is because New Jersey never required us to pay this tax. However, I would like to know if Personal property tax on vehicles falls under "double taxation"? I am asking because, I plan to purchase a car within the next few months. I know that I will have to pay taxes to the DMV upon purchase. Now I find out that I will also have to pay my city yearly taxes as well for the same vehicle. I do not think that it is fair that I have to pay my city additional yearly taxes for a car that I will have to pay taxes on upon purchase. Not only that, I own my home. Should I have to pay the city to park my car in my own driveway?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bharris View Post
    ,,,, However, I would like to know if Personal property tax on vehicles falls under "double taxation"?
    No, it is not "double taxation." And, even if it were, "double taxation" is not prohibited.

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    food for thought

    I've lived and paid taxes in both states, and basically it is a wash.

    Just think about this: Your overall tax burden is maybe still lower in VA depending on the value of your car and your income. Assuming the state income taxes are a wash at ~4% @ 100,000/ year. (Still much better than the raping MD gives you at 5.25+3% for state and local). The 2% difference in sales tax and MASSIVE difference in property taxes will have you coming out ahead, that is unless you have a ferrari or something.

    Oh, and double taxation is not illegal. Do you have stocks? If so, you get double taxed every time you draw dividends. I still can't wrap my libertarian head around that one.

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    Thank you both for your response. I understand that every state have their own separate laws for certain things. However, I was not familiar with this VA law. This is why I was so shocked when I learned about it.

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