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    Employer paid taxes to wrong state- again.

    In 2008 I lived and worked in VT but was employed by a company in Kansas. When I received my W-2, I got two- one for Kansas and one for VT. My employer said they didn't know how to set me up in VT when I first started even though they use ADP? After a long runaround I ended up having to file 2 returns as this seemed to be the easiest solution. I didn't notice that taxes were being taken out for Kansas as I never received my first months paystubs- my employer had my address incorrect and their return address was incorrect.
    In December of 2008 I moved to NC, my January checks showed that my state taxes were once again being paid to Kansas, as they didn't know how to set me up with NC. I was told at that time that they would be correcting it immediately with ADP- I believed them as we were dealing with the mess from the previous year at the same time!!
    I just received in the mail 2 W-2's one for Kansas and one for NC, when I called I was told that it was an ADP mistake that would take at least 8 weeks to correct.
    I wan't to scream, any advice?

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    Sorry, I forgot to post my questions...
    1. Is it hard/lengthy process to get set up paying taxes into a state. Was it just laziness?
    2. Do you think my employer actually had ADP working on correcting this in Feb 2009 like they said they did? I am thinking not, or else it would be done by now??
    3. How difficult is it to get this corrected? Is my employer just going to come back to me in March and ask me to file a Kansas state return like they did last year because they said it would cost them $800.00 to have it corrected.

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    File for a refund with the wrong state and get a refund, then file with the correct state and pay anything you may owe. Is your withholding correct going forward?

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    I tried to do that last year, but without a corrected W-2, Kansas would not give me a refund, I even ended up paying a penalty too because my return was not filed on time.... I did file a special form with Kansas with a letter from my employer, as directed by the state, but they came back and said I had to have the corrected W-2.
    My employer said it would take months to get a corrected W-2 and close to $1000.00 to get it corrected.
    So I was just nice and filed the return.

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    FYI, this is almost certainly not the employer's mistake but ADP's. I had this problem with them multiple times (we had employees that, by nature of the job, were transfered sometimes as often as three and four times in a year to different job sites in different states). Despite our telling them over and over again where the employee was, taxes were reported to the wrong state almost every week. When I fired ADP and hired a different payroll service, the problem completely disappeared.

    So if they are telling you it is ADP's mistake, I have no trouble whatsoever believing them. Especially since if you are living in Vermont, you are covered by the same ADP offices that I was covered by in Massachusetts.

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