What is the name of your state? CT
Hi I have been out of work due to an illness(not permanent). I am a widow and last year worked part time and took an early withdrawal from my 401k. I ended up having to pay almost $14,000 between state and federal taxes. I made arrangements with the IRS and borrowed the money and have only about $600 left to pay from last year. Well because I don't have money and could not work at all this year or for several years prior I ended up withdrawing $60,000 from my 401 K again because I had nothing else that I could do.I had to pay last years taxes and I was in an accident and had to buy a replacement car. I had 20% tax withheld from the 401k distribution. I have an appointment with H & R Block tomorrow.
Is there anything that I can claim or any advice for me. i am an intelligent business woman who lost her husband, job and then got sick.Desperate times call for desperate measures.. I am finally getting through my illness and plan on returning to work asap. Any advice would be helpful. Should I keep this appointment?? Thanks for all advice.