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    How long do I have to sue the union?

    Suing the union.

    How long do I have before I can sue the union? I live in Iowa, and I had worked in the USPS for ten years before I was forced to resign. I said this because management had made my working conditions so difficult that I didn’t really have another choice.

    The union president, instead of helping me, she stabbed me in the back I had sent an email asking her for helpl. Because I was really fustrated of not getting any help from the union, I used a word I should not have used. However, when what I said in that paragraph is seen in full context of the email, anybody could see that I really didn’t meant to threaten anybody else like she says.

    The true is that this email that was supposed to be “threatening,” was really three-months old. Just one day before the president accused me of this threatening email, I had emailed her and asked her to ask two union stewards to resign over unethical conduct. This is the real reason why she went against me.

    There was another steward that was not better than her. However, there was also another steward who had passed me some really good information I culd use. I feel that the union could really help me in my case against the USPS in forced termination; however, they are so biased. They worry mostly about celebrating parties and picnics, and they forget about helping the union members who really need their help.

    What should I do to get the union in my side? I really feel they have information I can use. Should I sue the union first to force them to help me? Also, that incident happened a month ago, HOW LONG DO IA HAVE TO SUE THE UNION?

    I will really appreciate an answer. I have hardly any resources to hire an attorney at this point.

    Strong Puma

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    Sometimes you only have 6 months

    You need to take a look at whehter your union is a public or private union.

    Private unions can be sued in the courts. CHeck out Findlaw.com, start with the case Vaca v. Sipes under the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Contact the Department of Labor in Washington. See [url]www.dol.gov[/url]

    The Depertment of Labor is currently working to publish regulations and guidelines over what constitues bad behavior of union officals and their staff.

    Get your voice heard to them and go to their website
    the are asking to comments on this

    The request for information number for these proposed regulations is

    RIN 1215-AB52

    The e-mail address for comments is [email]OLMS-REG-1215-AB52@dol.gov[/email]

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