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    I am currently in court for an approval for a restrainging order against my X-finace.
    Yesterday was to of been our court hearing! Much to my surprise, the lawyer which I had hired to represent my X- fiance when we lived together, and PAID cash to inside his office since we were there together for all appointments with regards to the legal issues which surrounded my X-finace. This lawyer is representing him in my litigation against my X-fiance according to the calender. The case was continued since the lawyer had sent a representative due to another urgent issue which is why he was not present.
    I am in such ahhhhh especially since I was the one who communicated with this lawyer constantly, and we worked dilligently together for my X-fiance.
    When my X-fiance and I started having problems I no longer spoke to the lawyer. But it was I who found this lawyer and scheduled the initial appointment, and paid the cash in his office on his desk, and now it is being used to defend him and I can't even begin to imagine what I am entering into. My money is working against me and this seems very unfair especially since the lawyer knows we lived together and I handled everything for my X-fiance. My next court date in Santa Clara, CA is August 8, 2001. What can I do? Am I correct that this is not ethical? Im working on a limited budget since the last big expense which I cannot get a refund on the balance is working against me not to keep me safe.
    Thank you!

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    IMMEDIATELY contact the Santa Clara County Bar Association and ask them -- and notify the lawyer that you will object to the horrible conflict of interest. When you get to court report that IMMEDIATELY to the judge. Then contact the State Bar of California.

    This is intended as general information only, NOT legal advice. You are not my client and I have no obligation of any kind to you. To retain a lawyer I suggest you go to www.AttorneyPages.com.
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