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    Employer's unethical practices

    What is the name of your state? NJ
    I am working for one employer on H1b visa.
    Last year he sent me to one client to work for just one day.
    The next day he told me to go to another client, as this client is paying more for the assignment. The first client sued my employer for breaking the contract. The court case went on for about a year. My employer was over-confident that nothing will happen, but the client persisted the case and put pressure on my employer to pay for the losses he incurred. At last my employer out of scare for losing the case, accepted to pay him $5000.
    All this happened without my knowledge. Now my employer started deducting this $5000 from my salary every month. I am scared to do anything, as he is holding my H1b and can do anything to harm my status. What should I do? Can anybody help me out of this?
    This is really frustrating for me, but I can not bear this injustice.
    Please somebody advice me.

    Thanks in advance

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    You need to file a Wage Complaint for monies due as it is illegal for your employer to try and deduct for any losses without your written consent.. Contact the Division of Wage and Hour Compliance at (609) 292-2305.

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    Thanks mlane58,

    I would definitely consider this.

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