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    Furlough for salaried employees

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? CA

    My employer has started a one-week mandatory furlough for all employees for Q2 (i.e., time off work that is unpaid) to avoid layoffs. For salaried/exempt folks, they are making us take the entire week at once - in other words, we cannot take 5 random unpaid days throughout the quarter. Our furlough must be in a one-week (M-F) increment.

    They claim the reason for this is that it is illegal for them to do otherwise for salaried employees - supposedly they cannot NOT pay us for a day when we have worked the rest of that week. But if we don't work for a full week, they don't have to pay us. Is this accurate? Or are they just being lazy (don't want to calculate days off here and there for each employee).

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    No, your employer is accurate. In most circumstances, an exempt employee must be paid for the entire week if they work any part of the week.

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    They are 100% correct.

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