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    Salary held back 1st week of work

    What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? California

    As a new hire, can an employer hold back the first week of pay? I thought a law was passed some time ago that no longer allowed employers to hold back a week's pay at the start of employment. I understood the employee was due their pay from the start date and should receive full pay at the upcoming pay period.


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    What a lot of people see as "holding back pay" actually is the employer just paying in arrears.

    How often do you get paid and what days does that pay include?

    Weekly pay frequency, paid every Friday, workweek starts on Mondays.
    Paycheck is for the previous week of work.
    You started on January 5. Since the January 9 paycheck would be for the week of December 29 through January 4, you would not be entitled to a paycheck on January 9.

    Could that be the situation here?

    You have not won the law suit lottery; in fact, you haven't even won the law suit scratch-off.
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